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Sustainable T-Shirt Shopping Guide

Sustainably Smitten's first Shopping Guide is here! These guides will help you find clothing true to your morals and your budget. I've included several types of information designed to save you time and help narrow your search. Exact price ranges are provided as I find those more helpful then $-$$$$ scales. $ to one person can be $$$$ to another depending on your budget! The sizing information is included to save yourself from falling in love with something that might not fit. And for you men -- there are options for you too! Lastly, the Good On You App Rating and the B-Corp certifications are additional tools for discovering a brand's sustainable and ethical efforts. Not every brand listed has a rating or is certified and that does not mean that they are a lesser brand. I believe that each purchase is a vote, and when we support big brands as they make sustainable changes, we are saying, "We like what you're doing, keep it up!" -- just as we do for the small businesses founded on sustainability and social responsibility. If there are additional categories you would like to see in my future guides, please let me know. 

Information is accurate as of June 2018.