"When you're smitten with something, you want to take care of it. I'm smitten with mountain tops, forests, and oceans.

I want to do what I can to take care of this beautiful planet we get to call home. Simultaneously, and perhaps even more so, I want to do what I can to be kind to the people on this planet. The quote, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you…” comes to mind. I do not want to be enslaved, or subjected to living in a toxic landscape. Therefore I do not want to subject others to that life. I don’t believe in slavery. I don’t believe in poisoning waterways. So therefore, I don’t want to support companies who use child labor, modern day slavery, and create vast unnecessary destruction of the environment.

I believe in craftsmanship. I believe in materials that are organic, natural or reduce our waste. I believe in this that are well made and built to last. I believe in caring for others, and helping each other grow and live meaningful lives full of adventure. I believe in minimizing waste and detrimental materials. I believe in wearing your morals.

I’m taken with mountain tops, forests, and lasting friendships. I want the goods that I buy to promote the existence of those things. I want to buy from people who care about what I care about.

Clothes empower us. Clothes should not only empower the wearer but every person involved in making them —from the people providing the materials to make the fabric, to the seamstresses, to the person preparing the clothes to be shipped. I believe that the livelihood of everyone involved with the life cycle of the garment should be considered. We, through the creation of goods have the opportunity to lift each other up and to support what we believe in. We have the opportunity,  as the brand Mata Traders, says to, “fashion a better world”.

With Sustainably Smitten I'm working to create a resource where you can explore what it means to dress and live sustainably. My mission is not to pressure you to buy all the items I feature on the blog. Neither is my mission create a sense of guilt about our past actions or actions that aren’t the most sustainable in the future. Instead, this is a place where you can be inspired, discover sustainable options that fit your budget. I hope you will also find that sustainable fashion and goods are not synonymous with compromise. Ultimately, I don’t want you to spend time worrying about your clothes.

Here, you’ll find shopping and gift guides, honest brand/product reviews and look books featuring sustainable brands.

When we begin to approach living more sustainably, it's easy to be overwhelmed. Where should we start? Clothing, food, toiletries, make up, home goods? To move past "overwhelm" and make a difference, I’ll share small ways we can shift to live more sustainably.

Most importantly, we'll talk about life more than what’s in our closets and cupboards. Getting dressed and ready for the day is only the beginning...

With love,