Six Timeless Sustainable Gift Ideas for Women (almost all of them are under $40)

I’m a fan of listicles (articles that are lists) as much as the next gal —there’s a reason listicles are some of the most popular articles on the internet. However, sometimes the gift ideas or gift guides have limited versatility —they only work for one holiday. Furthermore, many gift guides are catered for a younger market, and leave out a more mature audience. Then there’s sizing. Many gift guides offer ideas which have limited size options. We’re not all a size four. Nor can we all spend $200 on our friends and family’s gifts.

In an effort to offer more inclusive, budget friendly, and sustainable gifts ideas, I’ve compiled a list of six gift ideas that work regardless of the season. I own and approve of all of these and have given some as gifts already. I’ve also asked ladies in my life that are 20-somethings as well as ladies nearing their seventies and across the board they’ve liked these options.


1. Lake Shore Dry Goods Hair Towels — After using these organic cotton, made in the US towels for almost a year my conclusion is this: if you haven’t gotten one for yourself, get one. If the woman your shopping for doesn’t use a non-terry hair towel, get her one. My hair is softer, smoother and more controlled. A curly-haired-gal’s —scratch that—every gal’s dream come true. For a discount code, click here.

2. ABLE Personalized Jewelry — I purchased a personalized necklace last year to commemorate a meaningful moment and I wear it often. I also got one for my mother and grandmother for Mother’s Day. ABLE’s driven to end generational poverty by employing women in safe and healthy working environments.

3. Siizu Silk Scarves — These silk scarves are little pieces of luxury. They’re made from leftover fabric from Siizu’s past collections. They work perfect as a neck scarf, headband, a classy cover for your ponytail or a way to spice up a handbag by tying it around a handle. With over a dozen colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one she’ll love.


4. Yuhme Water Bottles — Hands down the best water bottle I have ever had and arguably the most eco-friendly water bottle on the planet. They’re carbon negative, recyclable, dishwasher-able (yes, you read that right, dishwasher safe!), non-toxic and gives someone at least 3-months of clean water in the Central Africa Republic. See their website for more cute designs. (If you’re looking for an insulated water bottle/coffee cup see here.)

5. Yellow 108 Caps — I’ve seen women with all hair colors (brown, blonde, black, grey, pink) wear hats like this one and look stunning. This one’s made from 55% Hemp + 45% Organic Cotton or 100% Wool and comes in Olive or Dark Navy. I love this cap, and find it’s great for making a statement or for covering up wild post-workout hair.

6. Ethical Silk Company Eye Masks — An eye mask is a travel must-have. My eye mask from Ethical Silk Company is one of my favorite items that I own. It’s easy to care for and comes in an array of colors and prints. Every woman needs beauty sleep; make hers a little more luxurious.

There you have it! Six timeless, sustainable gift ideas. I hope you gathered some good ideas (or discovered just the right thing) as you hunt for gifts!

Happy gifting, readers!

Stay Smitten,