My Favorites From 2018

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My Favorites
from 2018

I would be lying if I said I didn’t have favorites. Below are my favorite items that I have discovered and savored in 2018.

Favorite Shoes:


My Red Kamik Wellies. These are the shoes of my inner-five-year-old’s dreams. They’re red, have a horse on the side, are perfect splashing in puddles, and are 100% recyclable (just like their packaging). Swoon.


My Zero Waste Daniel T-shirt. Sheer made-from-scraps perfection. I got to visit Daniel while we were in NYC and tried the shirt on in his shop. I was initially hesitant to go with a such a form fitting top. After a nudge from both my husband and Daniel I got it and I. can’t. get. enough. of. it.

Workout Piece:


Athleta’s High Neck Chi Tank —This top is fair trade and made from recycled poly — and works for both running and yoga, which rarely happens for me. It’s ethical, sustainable and works for a variety of workouts.


My Second hand cigarette cut jeans— I originally bought them for wearing when I help my husband on the orchard. They have since become my favorite jeans so a different pair has been tasked with the dirty work.


This one was honestly a tie between my Eco Rib Reformation black dress and my Pyne and Smith dress.


The Ref Dress works perfect with sneakers and a sweater (my favorite), or high heals and a jacket and just about every other option in between. It’s also surprisingly easy to hand wash.

The Pyne and Smith dress is a little slice of linen heaven. It’s soft, comfy, and is great company for rain boots (or so my inner 5-year-old tells me). I wore it almost daily this past summer.

Favorite Loungewear Garment:

My Tradlands Flannel — Tradlands has the best quality flannel shirts I have worn —let alone felt— in a long time. I’ve had two for a year now. They arrived wonderfully soft and have only improved with wash and wear. I cannot wait to continue to enjoy them for years to come. For the record I’m not saying flannels are solely meant for lounging, just nothing says weekend or downtime to me like a button-up flannel.


My ABLE Jewelry Horizon Neckace — It’s handcrafted in Nashville by ABLE, who as a company, is “striving to end generational poverty through providing economic opportunity for women” on a local and global scale.



My Very Good Bra —”the world’s first zero waste bra” made with biodegradable materials and comfortable AF. It’s surprisingly flattering on my small bust and my husband loves it. So…win, win, win, and win.

Beauty Product:

LakeShore Dry Goods Organic Cotton Towels —Perhaps my favorite item of the year —yes truly. And no, I’m not getting paid to say that. I’m giddy with how my hair has improved, and plan to never go back to terry towels for my hair ever again.



Patagonia Worn Wear Moto Down —I bought this through Patagonia’s Worn Wear site which has become my husband and I’s go to site when we’re in need of new outdoor gear. It’s warm and doesn’t look like I’m wearing a full on comforter with sleeves.

And just for good fun…

My Favorite Drink(s):

It’s a tie for me this year…either a Chai Hard (made with house-made irish cream and chai infused bourbon)

or a Brandy Alexander (made with brandy, maple syrup, half and half, and egg whites)

What was your favorite garment in 2018? And/or your favorite drink?

Stay Smitten,