A Note on Last Year and the Year to Come

Hello Dear Readers,

Let me be the first to say that this past year has certainly not gone as expected. When I started blogging last year, I had very different intentions than what has occurred. I’ve also learned so very much.

When my now husband and I first started dating, he told me, “You approach ideas by jumping in now, and learning to swim later” --which, is fairly accurate. I thought I had thought everything about this blog through. I had however, dreamed, and admittedly, without much logical thought. While I still stand behind my original dreams for this blog, they are not practical for my life as it is now. This does not mean that this blog is in anyway disappearing, in fact, I believe it will better flourish now that I have expressed this sentiment and I am no longer burying myself in guilt for not having performed in the way I intended.

What I have much more thoughtfully planned for this year, is monthly posts, instead of the multiple posts per month that I had schemed for last year. I hope to give you information that is truly helpful. Things like timeless gift guides, and a master list of sustainable brands that I love.

So here’s to a year of being more authentic to who we are, more artistic, more diligent, and conscious of our capacities.

With love and grit, I’m jumping back in.

Stay Smitten,