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At the end of every haircut I always ask my hair stylist what I can do to take better care of my hair. For several months, my hair stylist recommended that I upgrade from my terry towels for my hair. I hesitated because I didn't know of a non terry hair towel that was up to my sustainable standards. When of Pam from Lakeshore Dry Goods reached out to me about her organic cotton towels, I was giddy! However, upon receiving the towels, I was nervous.  The colors and prints were sweet and achieved with low-impact dyes; the fabric irresistibly soft organic cotton; and I loved the fact that the towels are cut and sewn in the U.S., BUT the towels seemed SO thin. How was I going to dry my lion's mane of curls with a towel no thicker than a t-shirt?

As of today I've been using the towels for three weeks and have no intention of ever stopping. Using these towels is the only change I've made to my hair care in the past month. My hair feels softer, is easier to control and less frizzy. Moreover, I can go an additional day in-between shampoos. As a curly-haired girl, these are exciting results!

These towels would have been a great addition to my “thank-you-for-being-amazing” gifts I gave my bridesmaids last year. While that gifting opportunity has passed, I now plan to purchase half a dozen to give as gifts throughout the year. Shh! Don’t tell.

Unlike many investments we make repeatedly to improve our hair such as an upgrade in shampoos or conditioners, these towels are a one-time purchase that will make a lasting difference. As a young woman on a budget, this is music to my ears. Another plus is that the towel is small, so it's easy to pop in your bag for post-workout use.

Pam, the wonderful woman behind the creation of these towels, has generously offered you, readers, a discount code! When you decide it's time to give your hair a little love, or you want to treat a lovely woman in your life, use the code SMITTEN15 for 15% off your order.

Cheers to better hair days!

Stay Smitten,


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