4 Renewed Clothing Companies You Need to Know About


There’s a new breed of second-hand shops emerging: Renewed Clothing Shops. What exactly is a renewed garment? It’s a preloved, preowned garment or a defective garment that has been washed, repaired or remade into a garment that is “like new.”

A few brands have created renewed shops featuring the past season clothes that they have washed, repaired or remade. Others are partnering with companies whose sole purpose is to repair and renew garments. 

I’m smitten with companies that are addressing and post use of their products. These companies are creating life-extending solutions for garments so that they aren't unnecessarily thrown away or wasted. These companies work to maximize the lifespan of products and the materials used to make them.

Brands including Eileen Fisher and Patagonia have take-back programs to collect clothes for renewal that are then sold through their second-hand shops. You probably have guessed the best part about these shops (besides the sustainability factor). The price.  For many, the high-quality pieces made by Eileen Fisher and Patagonia are out of reach at full price or even at a sale price. Eileen Fisher sweaters typically range from $168-$398, but on her site of renewed Eileen Fisher pieces, you can find a sweater for $45-$105. Shopping Patagonia's Worn Wear, you can find out of season down parkas, which are of stellar quality, for $120, compared to a new price tag of $300+. You might be disappointed that you’ll rarely find the current years styles on these brand sites, but this can be a blessing. Sometimes pieces that were out of my budget when they came out a few years ago resurface on renewal sites at prices now within my budget. For those of you that have been wishing for high-quality sustainable garments at a more affordable price, renewed clothing shops are the answer you’ve been looking for.

Without further adieu, here are my favorites:

Please note: in an effort save you time, and the heartbreak of falling in love with something outside your budget, I've included the price ranges of the clothing offered by these renewed shops below. My goal is to make it easier for you to find sustainable pieces you love at a price you can afford. Because of the nature of these shops, these prices ranges may change as the inventory is updated.

Eileen Fisher Renew:   features Eileen's iconic pieces at prices you will love.
To find out more about how their pieces are renewed click here.
Eileen Fisher Renew has sizes PP-PL, XXS—3XL at the following price ranges:
Tops: $25-$105; commonly, $45 or 65.
Sweaters & Cardigans: $25-$105; commonly $45 or $65.
Dresses: $45-$115.
Pants & Skirts: $25-$45; commonly $45.
Coats: $55-$135.
Accessories: $45-$75; commonly $45.

Patagonia Worn Wear features their legendary pieces for Men, Women, Kids’ & Baby, as well as Packs & Gear. For women, they carry sizes XXS-XL, 0-32. For men, XXS-3XL, 28-40.
Price ranges are as follows:
Jackets: $50-$225; commonly $90 or $120.
Sweaters & Pullovers: $35-$135; commonly $70.
Pants: $35-$200; commonly $40.
Dresses & Skirts: $35-50; commonly $40.
Shirts: $25-$80; commonly $35 or $40.
Vests: $40-$135.
Shorts: $35-$40.

The Renewal Workshop carries clothing for both men and women from great brands such as Prana, Icebreaker, and Toad & Co. to name a few. For women, they carry sizes XS-XL, 00-18. For men, sizes S-XXL, 28-48.
Price ranges are as follows:
Jackets & Vests: $52-$250; commonly $69
Sweatshirts & Hoodies: $36-$168; commonly $45 for women, $52 for men
Sweaters: $45-$174; commonly $45 for women, $52 for men
Long Sleeves: $15-$99; commonly $36 or $45 for women, $48 for men
Short Sleeves: $28-$59 for women, $24-$38 for men
Tank Tops: $22-42 commonly $22 for women, $24 for men
Bras: $32
Pants/Denim: $52 for women, $54
Leggings & Tights: $38-$62, commonly $48
Shorts: $38-$45; commonly $38 for women, $32 for men
Dresses: $46-$182; commonly $58
Skirts: $42-$70; commonly $42

The Sustain Shop is Hackwith Design Houses’ next adventure. In their Sustain Shop you can shop their samples and gently used or remade pieces. They take back their clothing and resell the gently used pieces, and remake any clothing returned with stains or holes into a new garment. You can read more about their story here.

They carry women’s sizes XS-XL and additional plus sizing. They have a variety of clothing from tops, to sweaters, dresses, skirts, pants, outerwear, and jumpers! The prices range from $45-$150. With a little hunting you can find wonderful pieces.

Are there other renewed clothing brands I’ve missed? Have you purchased from these companies? Share your story below.

Stay Smitten,