What's coming soon

For years I've dreamt of creating a blog where I would share my love of sustainable fashion with the world. I pictured a virtual sanctuary where you could explore what it means to live sustainably without the guilt of one's past actions or pressure to buy. I've wanted to create a place where you could go to be inspired as well as find sustainable options that fit your budget. I also want to prove that sustainable fashion is no longer synonymous with compromise. As you shall soon see, very, very beautiful, sustainable clothes exist. We're talking about dresses that-take-your-breath-away-with-how-much-they -flatter-a-human-form as much as we're talking about what you wear to climb a mountain, run a meeting, or wear for yoga.

I'm collaborating with a wonderful photographer to create lookbooks showcasing sustainable options for each season. In additional to the lookbooks, you'll soon find stories of people making sustainable choices in their everyday lives as well the people behind sustainable brands and companies. I'll be chatting with them about the peaks and valleys of their journey's and what stirs their spirits, and you my friends, get to listen in.

When we begin to approach living more sustainably, its can be very easy to get overwhelmed. To avoid overwhelm and make a difference, once a month I’ll share a small way we can make a change to live more sustainably. We’ll commit to trying out this small change for a week then share in the ups and downs of the experience, together.

More coming soon!

Stay smitten,